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Association of Engineers and Technocrats, Faculty of Engineering and Technology organized a Webinar on “The Power of Women Empowerment” on Friday, 23rd April 2021 at 11:00 am.  The webinar is started with the welcome of speaker Ms. Radhika Gupta, Founder & CEO – Crystal Triangle and State President – Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She elaborates that one of the major hindrances in the growth and advancement of women is gender inequality. This means that we treat males and females unequally even for the same task. At last, the speaker emphasis on Quality Education which is the key to women’s empowerment. Slowly with the increase in literacy level and awareness, society has started giving importance to education. The speaker also enlightens the students that the women empowerment also means that the society will also accept women as decision-makers for the economic and financial decisions of the family.

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