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About us

The Vision of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FEAT) is to be renowned globally for imparting quality engineering education and research in interdisciplinary cutting-edge technology. The mission of the FEAT is to produce morally conscious competent leaders and engineering professionals. It comprises five departments viz Civil Engineering (CE), Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), and Applied Sciences & Humanities. The FEAT offers UG programs leading to B.Tech. in CE, CSE, ECE, and ME. It also offers M.Tech. and Doctoral Degree Programs in Engineering disciplines of CSE, ECE, CE, and ME.

The programs are articulately designed to meet the needs of industries and other employment sectors and to prepare students for the national and global employment market. The FEAT is establishing the Learners’ Centric Academic Environment by adopting a Flexible-Slot-Based Time-Table, and FRICS (Flexible Research Integrated Credit System) that empower students to choose the subjects from the disciplines of their own interests. It also enables the students to not only build a sound knowledge base in a particular discipline but also applications widened across the disciplines. The curriculum is carefully designed as per international standards by adopting the most advanced learning systems viz Project Based Learning (PBL), Research-Based Learning (RBL), Cooperative Learning, and other learning tools & emerging learning modes. Classrooms and labs are well equipped with modern teaching aids to facilitate the latest teaching andragogy.

FEAT has established a unique ‘Mentoring System’ through which each student is assigned a Faculty Adviser. Faculty Advisers closely and carefully mentor the students to achieve excellence in their endeavors. They play a strong role to ensure that students complete their degree program in a smooth and timely manner. Faculty advisers not only help students to achieve their professional goals but also at the same time act as anchors who provide emotional, ethical, and moral support throughout their tenure at the University. All the advisers have a deep sense of devotion toward maximizing the opportunities for development available to students within the campus and beyond. Faculty Advisers are the contact point for parents/ guardians for performance and conduct-related issues of their wards.

FEAT has scholars with expertise in their respective fields of study, and are brought on the board from `well-reputed institutions like IITs. The faculty members have diverse experiences working in the industry as well as in academics and research. They are dedicated to pedagogical approaches which are student-centric and experiential. Students are given a plethora of opportunities to work on live projects that provide a platform to put theoretical knowledge into practical application.

FEAT is equipped with all modern facilities that include state of art computer labs and a WIFI-enabled campus. The Library is not only well stocked with the latest collections of textbooks, reference books, and scientific journals but also offers e-learning tools for easier access to knowledge. Additionally, it has a very unique feature of the ‘Book-Bank System’ that allows the students to borrow the subject textbooks once for an entire semester. In addition to the facilities mentioned above, students can also avail of amenities like a hostel, mess services, free medical services, a sports complex, a central library, transportation, etc.

Corporate Resource Center (CRC) takes care of all the training and placement-related activities. Special credit courses have been developed to focus on campus to the corporate movement of the students that includes soft skills and personality development sessions. Special focus is given to developing communication skills, Interview skills, and group discussions as these are the basic prerequisites for today’s professionals. Internship assistance, pre-placement workshops, and focused industrial visits are organized to develop general awareness and readiness for a successful transition to a work environment.

Learner Centric Flexible Academic Environment

  • FRICS (Flexible Research Integrated Credit System                                                                                                                                        
    FRICS is an in-house developed academic system that caters to the learner’s creativity and provides an opportunity to showcase and explore research potential. Additionally, due to the provisions provided within the system, students can partially redesign the curriculum as per their interests.
  • FSBT (Flexible Slot Based Time-Table)                                                                                                                                       
    FSBT provides flexibility to students to make their own timetable depending upon their physiological clock.
  • QCM (Quality Circle Meeting)                                                                                                                                       
    The objective of QCM is to provide guidance to students related to specific subjects as well as to address any mid-semester concerns. QCM meetings of students and teachers are held after each CAT (Sessional exam) to evaluate students’ performances and resolve the problem(s) related to their respective subject(s).

Advanced Curriculum and Syllabus

A futuristic curriculum has been designed to cater to current as well as emerging industry trends and technologies. Continuous and progressive evaluation and redesigning of the curriculum are undertaken to make it at par with global universities and amongst the best in Indian Private Universities. A few specific features are listed below:

  • Industrial visit/ training is an important component from Second Semester onwards to bring them closer to a professional environment and work ethics.
  • CISCO Networking Academy to enhance their computing skills as well as to add specific marketable value.
  • Courses on Specific Technical Skills Development from Second Semester to Sixth Semester.
  • Values Addition Courses: Two Special courses have been included in the curriculum to develop Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics.
  • Provision of Ten Electives to attain specialization in the field of engineering/ sub-discipline of his/her branch of engineering as well as from other streams.
  • To make students ‘Corporate Ready’, six specially designed courses have been included in the curriculum from First Semester to Sixth Semester to develop aptitude, communication, and soft skills.
  • Option to change branch at end of the first year, if s/he fulfills the eligibility criteria.

Advanced Learning Teaching Pedagogies

  • PBL (Project Based Learning) Systems
  • RBL (Research Based Learning) Systems
  • Modern Teaching Pedagogy
  • Continuous Evaluation Process (CATs, Quizzes, Assignments, TEE)
  • Learning Outcome Assessment Process
  • Academic Processes conformance with ABET & NBA

Facilitating Systems

  • IQAC (Internal Quality Assessment Cell)
  • Renowned Faculty from IITs, NITs & other reputed institutes
  • Smart Class Room & Other Advanced Systems
  • Modern Lab Facilities

Additional Supports

  • Mentorship
  • Merit Scholarship
  • Curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities.

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