Department of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering is the driving force behind many of our technological and industrial processes. It is rightly recognized as the mother of engineering. The profession requires a solid understanding of key concepts, including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, energy, and manufacturing.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at SGT University has well-qualified faculty who produce numerous publications in international and national journals, highlighting the emphasis on research and development. We expose students to cutting-edge fields like robotics, mechatronics, and automation so they can become experts in these areas. In an effort to create the best workforce possible, we are committed to the general well-being and growth of our students.


Department endeavors to be recognized globally through
outstanding education & research that produces qualified engineers who are ready to cater the everchanging industrial and social demands.


  • To create an environment conducive to quality teaching and learning, interdisciplinary research, and innovation.
  • To establish an academic system facilitating real learning in Mechanical Engineering.
  • To prepare the graduates to be leaders in the profession.
  • To inculcate universal human values, professional ethics, and a life-long learning attitude.
  • To empower the learners to devise their own unique education path for acquiring multiple specializations and skills.


  1. Mechatronics Centre of Excellence powered by SMC Pneumatics
  2. Robotics and Automation Lab (ABB Robotics)
  3. Centre of Excellence for Electric Vehicles. (with Electric One)
  4. Advanced labs for design and additive manufacturing.
  5. Access to MATLAB, Solid Works, Ansys, Robostudio, etc.


  1. Student chapters like SAEINDIA, ASHRAE, ISHRAE, etc., as well as active clubs like TORQUE CLUB.
  2. Strong business partnerships and affiliations, including those with Electric One, SuVastika, SMC Pneumatics, and ABB Robotics.
  3. Exchange programs for students with renowned international universities, such as AIMST University in Malaysia.
  4. A dedicated center (ACIC) that assists, directs, and inspires students to launch their own businesses.