You are currently viewing IOT BOOTCAMP ON 26TH-27TH MAY, 2022


Department of Electronics and Communication  & Computer Science and Engineering, FEAT are organizing  two days hands-on workshop on  26th & 27th May,2022 from 10 am onwards for the discussion on the theme “ IOT BootCamp “. Respected DEAN, Dr. Arvind Mathur ;  HOD, Dr. B.K Verma; and faculty coordinator, Ms Shelly Bansal, will conduct this  workshop.

 Mr Shubhranil Kundu is a research and development Engineer and a certified  corporate trainer with having a great experience in the field of robotics and  IoT  and has provided workshops  on IIoT, MATLAB and Embedded Systems to 10,000+ students and 100+ faculties at IIT’s.  He represented India in japan for jenesys programme on the behalf of Government  of  India, Ministry of HRD.

We are blessed for having him in the premises of SGT University.

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