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Learn Scientific Writing with LATEX
8 May 2021

Workshop on “Scientific Writing using LATEX”

Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology organized a 2 days workshop on “Scientific Writing using LATEX” on 8th & 10th May, 2021 The workshop is started with the welcome of speaker Mr. Vivek Dabra. He elaborates  high-quality typesetting system and features designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation. The motive of this workshop is to encourage the use of Latex, an open source documentation tool for students from all backgrounds. Considering the open source nature of Latex (or MIKTEK) the software is not only free to use and customizable but also makes documentation of reports, papers, resume and articles much easier. The lecture not only included a theoretical background on how to use the software but also had a substantially long time dedicated to a practice session, where students practically created a sample document.

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