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21 Apr 2021

Webinar on “Machine Learning in data analysis with various tools ”

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Webinar on  “ Machine Learning in data analysis with various tools”

Date:- (21th APRIL 2021)

Time:-10:30 AM to 12.30 PM,  Venue:-Online Platform(Zoom)

Brief Profile of Speaker:-

Mr. Harshit Anand , Trainee Decision Scientist, MUSigma

Organizers:- Moderator:- Mr. Manpreet Bajwa (AP, CSE,FEAT,SGTU)

Moderator:- Mr.Manu Phogat(AP,CSE,FEAT, SGTU)

Faculty Moderator : Dr Sahil Vashisht, HOD CSE , FEAT, SGTU

 Report of the Webinar/ Event / FDP Program:

  1. Introduction:

SGTU under the aegis of FEAT, Dept of Computer Sci and Engg. has  organizing a webinar on the topic “ Machine Leaning in data analysis with various tools” with the help of Mr Harshit Anand for industry understanding.  The workshop was conducted virtually with a duration of 1.30 hour on dated 21.04.2021, started at 10.00AM.

  1. Objective of the webinar/ Event / FDP:

Learn what are sub-fields of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Review challenges with respect to practical implementation of Artificial Intelligence
  • Discuss Near and Far Future of Artificial Intelligence
  • Understand Impact of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in Data Science
  • Know various Opportunities and Challenges in Data Science Careers.
  1. Brief content of lecture-

With the abundance of data being generated every day, the rise of new automated technologies is inevitable. Mr Harshit Anand , Trainee decision Scientist MU Sigma , as he explores the wonders of Machine Learning and AI. A whole world is relying on machine learning to develop mission-critical applications to empower the businesses. However, there are a series of challenges one has to tackle in the machine learning application building lifecycle — right from combining multiple data sources to feature engineering which means finding the

right parameters to extract from the data for model building. So, what’s the best approach to AI/ML applications and how does one identify the data sources to build models. With demand for machine learning increasing, it’s up to the data scientists and developers to stay updated with the latest trends to get the best performance out of their applications. With machine learning becoming a critical enabler for every sector, this webinar is specifically aimed at machine learning students, engineers and data scientists to help them understand the fundamental concepts of AI & ML and help them leverage cloud machine learning tools. During this seminar participants were introduced to the world of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and thinking machines.

  1. Screenshots of Webinar/ Picture of Event: Good quality picture with legends is mandatory
  2. Feedback Forms


What is your overall assessment of the event? (1 = insufficient – 5 = excellent) Which topics or aspects of the workshop did you find most interesting or useful? Did the workshop achieve the programme objectives? Knowledge and information gained from participation at this event? How do you think the workshop could have been made more effective? Please comment on the organization of the event (from 1 = insufficient to 5= excellent) Comments and suggestions (including activities or initiatives you think would be useful, for the future)
5 5 5 5
4 All 5 5
5 The Q/A session and the details given in the workshop 5 Various tools for ML and data science Having more time for the workshop and some interactive activities 5 Teaching excel to be used as a data analysis tool
5 Data science 5 Yes Yes 5 Nice
3 Machine learning. 3 Good. By sharing more video content. 3
3 The daily life application 3 Gained knowledge is that by the help of data science the proper use of technology is effective No all good 3 Network issue there is a lot of voice lagging or breakage
3 The daily life application 3 Gained knowledge is that by the help of data science the proper use of technology is effective No all good 3 Network issue there is a lot of voice lagging or breakage
3 Data science 3 Work of a data scientist The webex platform is not so user friendly, may be you should take webinar on platforms like zoom or msteam. 3 As members above
5 Machine learning and data science 4 Machine learning It showing me the future requirements in corporate world. 5


List of participants:- Students of Faculty of Engineering and Technology of all departments: B.Tech, M.Tech, BCA, MCA of all semesters participated.

Shortcoming: –Initially, we were lacking in registrations but after positive motivation we received a quality number of registrations and the workshop was a success and was appreciated by the participating students and faculty members.

Copy of E certificate for participants : No participation certificate provided.