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Visit to NPCC Site, Sarita Vihar

Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, SGT University, organized a one day industrial visit at NPCC Site, Sarita Vihar, Delhi (Construction of phase-II of All India Institute of Ayurveda) for the B. Tech 4th & 6th semester students on 23rd Jan. 2020. The group was accompanied by two faculties from Civil Engineering Department.
First of all Project In charge Mr. Gopal Saha introduced his team working on project and then provided a project overview to the students then site engineers Mr. Shikhar Mourya and Ranjan Singh accompanied the students to the site and explain in detail the various construction phases and the techniques used for construction. In foundation design the Pedestal were combined with the Raft Foundation to optimize the cost of project. Students were given the exposure to advanced technology like diaphragm wall construction (D-Wall), guide wall used for proper lining, hydraulic machine used for D-Wall construction. Students were also given the exposure to building materials like free flow concrete manufacturing and uses, retarder use and use of polymer in construction.
Mr. SP Singh Quality Engineer at site explained the stunts the importance of laboratory and various equipment used for monitoring the quality of material used in construction.

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