Vision & Mission

Vision of the Trust

Aims at developing SGT as the most respected Faculty of higher learning ,renowned for its excellence in Science and Technology and for its commitment to produce high quality engineers who are versatile, innovative and globally competitive.

Mission of the Trust

  • To establish the Faculty as a premier center of learning and a prestigious Engineering college in India.
  • To have the best faculty that builds on the strength and capability of the students.
  • To provide the best infrastructure and facilities for students like Library, Laboratories and Computer centres.
  • To provide conducive educational environment.
  • To continuously upgrade the library with latest books, journals and other educational material.
  • To contribute towards the health awareness programmes in nearby villages.
  • To organise necessary funds for the expansion and upgrading of the Institute.
  • To instill the moral of “service before self” in the minds of the students by guiding them to serve the humanity at large.
  • All the above commitments are directed towards the aim of training budding technocrats to become dedicated professionals whom we would like to consult when we ourselves are in need.