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25 Apr 2019

IoT & Predictive Analytics- Technocrat 2019

Mr. Sondeep Chatterji, from SiCureMi Healthcare Technologies (IIT – Delhi incubated company) delivered a session on “Internet of Things & Predictive analytics”.In the session, he discussed IoT and its ecosystem, different types of Analytics including predictive analytics and their industrial applications with a focus on Healthcare. IoT is an ecosystem consisting of interconnected devices with sensors that collect and exchange data like smart homes, smart transport, connected healthcare, etc. Analytics is a process in the same ecosystem which uses the data to generate a meaningful diagnosis. Machine Learning and AI give a new aspect to this data through its use in predictive and prescriptive analytics. The major utility of such an ecosystem is that it makes lives easier through intelligent and efficient management of resources. The future prospects of this domain were discussed and students were keen on knowing the opportunities installed for them.