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Teaching Methodology & Pedagogy

Teaching methodology is quite important in shaping the engineers of tomorrow. SGT University has developed a unique teaching-learning methodology that has been proved more fruitful. Our unique technique of teaching involves following a uniform framework of pedagogy designed for Continuous Output based Improvement Program.

The methodology has been developed with focus on parameters such as Methods, Skills, Manpower, Tools- Curricula, Environment, Policies and Layouts. The solution to garner better motivation and enhanced performance in students has been formulated in simple and easily implementable strategies like:

  • Semester Plan
  • Continuous Assessment
  • Lesson Plans
  • Teacher Student Alignment
  • Remedial Follow-up sessions
  • Industry – Institution Interface
  • Social Commitment
  • Lessons to improve English Proficiency

The combined effect of the above strategies has already shown promising results in the students. The turnaround is achieved as the focus is to provide structured teaching that aligns to the student’s grasp of the subject. With more and more teacher student interaction as well as awareness of real life scenario, the whole pedagogical experience is directed to achieve maximum projectile.

Department of Applied Sciences utilizes the strong triangular relationship –namely Parent, Teacher and Student. Teaching of every faculty is through presentations which are effective and uniform.

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