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13040706 Seminar& Presentation L T P C
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Course Objectives

The objectives of the Seminar include:

1)Practice giving presentations

2) Exposure to on-going research in particular area

Course Outcomes:

The  learning outcomes can be as follows:

  1. To expose students to the ‘real’ working environment and get acquainted with the organization structure, business operations and administrative functions.
  2. To set the stage for future recruitment by potential employers.


Student Presentation Guidelines:

1) Research topic should be from recent topics

2) Plan on approximately a 40 minute presentation with about 10 minutes for questions

3) The presentation should provide sufficient background describing the problem addressed in the research. Remember, a good portion of your audience will not be familiar with your work. Specifically, you should answer: ƒ What is the problem? ƒ Why is the problem important?

4) Prepare a 1-page, double-sided sheet of some of your most important slides and bring 30 copies to the seminar. Make sure the slides are legible; probably around 6 slides per side. The purpose of this sheet is to give your audience the chance to look at selected slides in more detail at their own pace.

5) The student presentations are not meant to be given only upon completion of the research/thesis. Rather, these presentations can be very useful for providing feedback and suggestions during the course of research.

6) Presentation has to be given once in a month and evaluation will be done based on the viva

7) Progress report will be given every month based on the the presentation

Mode of Evaluation: The theory and lab performance of students are evaluated separately.

  Theory Laboratory Theory and laboratory
Components Internal SEE Internal SEE
Marks     60 40
Total Marks   100
Scaled Marks     100