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Syllabus | B. Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering | Personality & Career Building

13040502 Personality & Career Building  Learning Schedule
Pre-requisites: Adaptive and punctual 0 0 4 2


  1. Holistic approach focusing on
  2. Negotiation skills
  3. Team work
  4. Balancing the emotional Quotient of the individuals
  5. Ready to apply for a job
  6. Skill development related to classification of numbers
  7. Implementing logical Aptitude in decision making


  1. Get an idea of industry perspective
  2. Give the Effective Presentation
  3. Able to develop a logical thought process related to every aspect of life
  4. Able to widen the horizon of one’s thought process and data analysis skills
  5. Able to interpret Data and convert into information 


Unit-I: Strategies and Skills Required for Career building/ Recruitment/ Team building

Learning of Different Strategies to be used: Negotiation, Assertions, Politeness through Conversation, Assertive Strategies, Leadership Skills, Team Work, Management Skills through Group Activities.

Unit-II: Group Discussions and Role Play

Listening and Speaking Comprehensions through Group Discussion and audio-visual aids, Do’s and Don’ts of Group Discussions related to various topics (Day-Today life/ Social Issues/ Political and Others.

Unit-III: Business/job Correspondence

Resume Writing, Letter Writing, Job Application Letter

Unit-IV: Time and Work, Data Interpretation

Time and Work ,Time speed and Distance, Table, Line Graph, Bar Graph,Cube,Dice,Calendars,Test on Bar and Pie Charts, Comprehensive Practice test- 1 on Area Covered, Comprehensive Practice test- 2 on Area Covered.

Unit-V: Algebra and Simple Reasoning

Linear and Quadratic Equation, Function Basics, Inequalities, Progression, Set Theory/ Venn diagram, Pie Chart, Permutation and Combination, Probability, Visual Reasoning, Alphabet based Reasoning, Comprehensive Practice test- 1 on Area Covered, Comprehensive Practice test- 2 on Area Covered.


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