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 Chapter 1: Introduction to Automation                                                                            10hrs

 Basic Components of Automation, Hardware Classification of Automation,  LabVIEW Environment Basics: Front Panel, Block Diagram, Controls Palette, Numeric Sub Palette, Boolean Sub Palette, String & Path Sub Palette , Function Palette, Tools Palette, Wiring, Toolbar, Execution

Chapter 2: Common Tools in LabVIEW                                                                          10 hrs

Selecting a Tool, Shortcut Menus, Property Dialog Boxes, Front Panel Window Toolbar, Block Diagram Window Toolbar, Debugging Tools in LabVIEW

Chapter 3: Programming in LabVIEW                                                                            15 hrs

Data Structures, , Arrays, Auto-Indexing, Array Functions, Clusters, Cluster Order, Cluster Elements, Enumerated data, Working with Strings, Execution Structures, While loops, for loops, Case structures, Passing Data between Loop Iterations – shift registers, Handling Errors – error handling and error clusters.

Chapter 4: Working with Projects                                                                                      10 hrs

Project Explorer, Deployment, Exercises; Design Techniques:Force Program Flow, Shift Register, State Programming Architecture, Multiple Loops/Parallel programming, Template