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Syllabus | B. Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering | Foreign Language( French/German)-II

13040413 Foreign Language( French/German)-II Learning Schedule
Pre-requisites: Foreign Language( French/German)-I 2 0 2 3

 Advanced Use of Language

Course Objective:  Conversational Practice, formation of sentences, negative sentences, interrogative sentences, and simple vocabulary related to house, family, common objects, simple prepositions and conjugation of Irregular verbs. Writing paragraphs in French.

Unit – 1

Ordinal Numbers

Our Travel plans

Grammar conjugation of verbs ending in – re, oir

Countries and Languages

Unit – 2

Weather, Seasons, Months, Day

Conjugation of Verbs Irregular verbs

Possessive Adjectives

Travel by Train

Unit – 3

Vouloir and Pouvoir /irregular verbs Meals/ Foods

Ordering food

Wines, Cheese,

 Unit – 4

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Visit to a Restaurant

Unit – 5

Clothing store,

Food store

Stationary Store 

Text Book:

Barron’s French The fast and Fun Way. Third Edition

Mauger: Civilasationet. Langue Francaise