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Syllabus | B. Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering | Foreign Language( French/German)-I

13040313 Foreign Language( French/German)-I Learning Schedule
Pre-requisites: — 2 0 2 3

 COURSE OBJECTIVE:  Basic communication in simple French, Simple conversational phrases, formation of simple sentences, negative sentences, interrogative sentences, simple vocabulary related to house, family, common objects, simple prepositions and conjugation of about 20 verbs.

Unit – 1

Getting to know people

Starting a conversation

People and Things

Members of the family

Indefinite Article- a, an, one, some

Unit – 2


Finding a space

If you want to ask a Question

Pronouns and Verbs

Definite Article “The”

Formation of negative sentences and questions 

Unit – 3

Seeing the Sights

Finding your way on foot

How do I get to …

How to pint out something

Verbs Again (Grammar)

Conjugation of Verbs ending in  “er” –

Parler, Chanter, arriver

Unit – 4

Public Transportation

What to say to the conductor

More action Verbs

On Nouns and Articles (grammar)


Conjugation of Verbs ending in “IR”

Demonstrative Adjectives

This, That, These, Those

Conjugation of Verbs ending in

re-Vendre, decendre etc.

Unit – 5

Numbers –       Cardinal, Ordinal

Expressing- Time, Conversation regarding Time

Days of the week

Irregular verbs-Dormir, Partir, sortir, avoir, etreapprendre- comprendre

Possessive Adjectives My, Your, His, Their etc.

Text Book:

Barron’s French The fast and Fun Way. Third Edition