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Syllabus | B.Tech Civil Engineering | Wastewater Treatment Laboratory

  Wastewater Treatment Laboratory Learning Schedule
Pre-requisites: Principles & Design of  Wastewater Treatment & Disposal Systems 0 0 2 1



To carryout experiments related to waste water treatment with the help of different instruments. The course also develops skill in the students to design screen chamber, grit chamber, primary sedimentation tank & trickling filter for the waste water treatment plants.


To develop skill in students for evaluating the performance of waste-water treatment plants.


On completion of this course the students will be able to determine the BOD, COD, DO, chlorine concentration etc.

List of Experiment

  1. To determine the BOD of the given sample of waste water
  2. To determine the COD of the given sample of waste water
  3. To determine the Chloride concentration of the given sample
  4. To determine the dissolve oxygen content in the given sample
  5. To design the screen chamber for waste water treatment plant
  6. To design the grit chamber for waste water treatment plant
  7. To design the primary sedimentation tank for waste water treatment plant
  8. To design the trickling filter for waste water treatment plant

Text Books:

  1. Garg S. K, Environmental Engineering-Sewage Disposal and Air Pollution Engineering, Khanna Publishers.
  2. Metcalf & Eddy, Wastewater Engineering Treatment & Reuse, Tata McGraw-Hill Education.


Reference Books:

  1. Howard S. Peavy, Donald R. Rowe, George Tchobanoglous, Environmental Engineering, Tata McGraw-Hill Education.
  2. Hammer & Hammer Jr., Water and Wastewater Technology.
  3. Rakesh Kumar, R.N.Singh, Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment, Teri Press.
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