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Syllabus | B.Tech Civil Engineering | Technical Skills in Civil Engineering-II | 13010413



Technical Skills in Civil Engineering-II

Learning Schedule
13010413 Pre-requisites: Technical Skills in Civil Engineering-I 0 0 2 1



The course is designed to make the student competent analysing complex foundation engineering and structural engineering problems. Additionally, the course is structured to fortify their analytical and designing skills required for solving real civil engineering problems related to foundation engineering & structural engineering.


  1. To enhance their technical competency in foundation engineering and structural analysis.
  2. To make them skilful in designing foundation and analyzing structures.
  3. To make graduate most competent in solving real life civil engineering problems.
  4. To attain better success in corporate interview and their profession.
  5. To train students about the physical and mechanical properties of various construction materials


On completion of this course, the students will be able to

  1. Apply the concepts of foundation engineering and structural analysis for designing the components of various structures.
  2. To teach students about the physical and mechanical properties of various construction materials



Structural Analysis                                                                                      

Analysis of statically determinate trusses, arches, beams, cables and frames using energy principles and analytical methods.

 Foundation Engineering                  

Sub-surface investigations, earth pressure theories, effect of water table, stability of slopes, foundation types.

 Concrete Technology                                                                                               

Basics of mix design, design of members subjected to flexure, shear, compression and torsion by limit state methods, basic elements of prestressed concrete, analysis of beam sections at transfer and service loads.

Engineering Materials

Cements, Ceramics, and Refractories, Timbers, Glass and Plastics, Metal, Paints and Varnishes,

Other Materials: Acoustical material and geo-textiles, properties and uses of asphalt, bitumen, rubber and asbestos, laminates and adhesive.

Construction Engineering

Building Construction, Layout Techniques, Masonry construction, Form work, Damp proofing, Expansion joints and construction joints. Wood work, Construction specification & Common defects


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