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Syllabus | B.Tech Civil Engineering | Surveying Practices | 13010311



Surveying  Practices Learning Schedule
13010311 Pre-requisites: — 0 0 2 1



  1. To give the students practical field knowledge of surveying and expose different techniques of surveying.
  2. To help the students to learn the field applicability of the different survey methods and equipments.



On completion of this course, the students will be able to

  1. Perform compass survey, theodolite survey and plane table survey.
  2. Understand the concept of levelling, contouring and curve surveying.
  3. Use total station to measure distances and altitude of a given point.
  4. Develop skill to carry out tachometry, geodetic surveying wherever situation demands.
  5. Develop skills to apply error adjustment to the recorded reading to get an accurate surveying output.


List of Experiments

  1. Chain Survey by perpendicular offsets
  2. Compass Survey- Traversing using surveyor and prismatic compass.
  3. Theodolite Survey- Measurement of horizontal angles by method of repetition and reiteration.
  4. Measurement of Vertical Angles and determination of Height of an Object
  5. Plane Table Survey- Two and Three point problem (Lehman’s method).
  6. Levelling- Rise & Fall method
  7. Levelling- Height of collimation method
  8. Tacheometric survey- Determination of additive and multiplication constant, determination of horizontal distance and RL.
  9. Contouring- To determine the contours for a given location.
  10. Demonstration of Total station

Text Books

  1. Punmia B.C. Surveying, Volume 1, Laxmi Publications.
  2. Punmia B.C. Surveying, Volume 2, Laxmi Publications.
  3. Punmia B.C. Surveying, Volume 3, Laxmi Publications
  4. Satheesh Gopi GPS Principles and Applications, Tata Mc Graw Hill publishing company Ltd.

Reference Books

  1. Subramaniyan R. Surveying and Levelling, Oxford University Press.
  2. Kanetkar T.P. Surveying and Levelling, Vol I, Pune.
  3. Kanetkar T.P. Surveying and Levelling, Vol II, Pune.