Syllabus | B.Tech Civil Engineering | Strength of Materials Lab | 13010310



Strength of Materials Lab

Learning Schedule
13010310 Pre-requisites: Engg. Mechanics 0 0 2 1



To understand the theoretical knowledge gained in the subject “strength of materials” for calculating internal forces under externally applied loads. It is necessary to give practical demonstration to theoretically acquired knowledge with the help of relevant experiments.


On completion of this course, the students will be able to,

  1. Evaluate tensile and compressive strength of material in various type of construction

& manufacturing work.

  1. To determine the various type of stresses in the different specimen for the design & construction of Civil Engineering projects.
  2. Measure strain and deflection in a structural member.

List of Experiments


  1. Tension test on a mild steel and HYSD bars.
  2. Compression test on Bricks and Concrete cubes.
  3. Experimental determination of elastic constant of steel beams.
  4. Verification of Maxwell theorem.
  5. Compression and tension test on helical springs.
  6. Torsion test on mild steel and HYSD bars.
  7. Determination of critical buckling load and deformation of column for different end conditions.
  8. To determine deflection of steel truss.


Text Books

  1. Ramamrutham S. and Narayanan, Strength of Materials, Dhanpat Rai Publications Company

 Reference Books

  1. Gere J. M. and Thimoshenko S. P. Mechanics of Materials, CBS Publishers & Distributors.
  2. Popov E. P. Engineering Mechanics of Solids, Prentice Hall Publisher
  3. Bansal R. K. Strength of Materials, Laxmi Publications.