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Syllabus | B.Tech Civil Engineering | Strength of Materials | 13010306

Course Code Strength of Materials Learning Schedule
13010306 Pre-requisites: Engg. Mechanics, Basic Engg. 3 0 0 3


Students learn the concept of stress and strain, elastic constants, principle stress and strain, torsion, shear force and bending moment. They also learn to calculate the deflection of beams by different methods and the concept of strain energy. Students understand different formulas to calculate critical load on columns. After course completion, students will be able to calculate stress, strain, shear force and bending moment for beams, deflection in beams by different methods and critical load on columns.


  1. To know the concept of stress and strain for the calculation of internal forces in the structural member.
  2. To know the concept of shear force and bending moment.
  3. To calculate deflection in beams, column and trusses.


On completion of this course, the students will be able to

  1. Understand the concepts of stress and strain.
  2. Analyze shear force, bending moment & torsion for different type of structural members.
  3. Calculate deflections in the structural members.


Section- A

Unit I: Stresses and Strains

Simple Stress and Strain: Introduction – Normal and Shear stresses – Stress – Strain Diagrams, Elastic Constants – Principle stresses and strains – Mohr’s circle.

Unit II: One dimensional loading & Torsion

One dimensional loading on members of varying cross-section. Torsion: Introduction – Torsion of shafts of circular section – torque and twist- shear stress due to torque.


Unit III: Shear Force and Bending Moment

Types of beams and supports – shear force and bending moment diagram – bending stresses and shear stresses in beams

Unit IV: Deflection of Beams

Introduction – Failure Criteria of beams – Theory of bending – deflection of beams by Macaulay’s method – moment area method and conjugate beam method – application of principle of impulse and momentum.


Unit V : Strain Energy

Stain Energy – Castigliano’s theorem – calculation of deflection in statically determinate beams and trusses – Unit load methods – Williot Mohr’s diagram.


Unit VI: Theory of Columns

Theory of Columns – long column and short column – Euler’s formula – Rankine’s formula – Secant formula – beam column.

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  5. A Textbook of Strength of Materials, Prof. R. K Bansal, Laxmi Publications.


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