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Syllabus | B.Tech Civil Engineering | Reinforced Concrete Structures-II

  Reinforced Concrete Structures-II Learning Schedule
Pre-requisites: Concrete Technology, Structure Analysis 3 1 0 4


Course contains learning of concept of working stress method and limit state method for various reinforced concrete sections. It includes concept of design of one way, two way and circular slabs, short column and long column, axially and eccentrically loaded columns. Students will understand the concept of footings and retaining wall design as well.


  1. The students will be made familiar with the design of Flat slab, Domes, beams, beams curved in plan, water tanks, bunker, silos, chimney etc.
  2. To enable the students to understand the various design philosophies of R.C.C. structures in practice.


On completion of this course, the students will be able to

  1. Design above mentioned R.C.C structures on their own.
  2. Use relevant BIS codes related to above mentioned R.C.C structures respectively.


Section A

Unit I: Flat Slab

Introduction, Components of flat slab, Design of flat slab by direct and equivalent frame method based on IS: 456-2000, Opening in flat slab and detailing of reinforcement.

Section B

Unit II: Dome and Beam Curved in Plan

Beam curved in plan: Design and analysis of beam curved in plan supported symmetrically, design of semi-circular beam for different supports conditions, Torsion Factor, Stress due to torsion, reinforcement required for torsion. Recommendation of IS: 456.

Dome: Introduction, Stresses in spherical dome due static and wind load, Design of RCC spherical dome.

Section C

Unit III: Water Tank

Circular Tank: Introduction, General design requirements according to IS: 3370-II. Joints in water tank, circular tank with flexible joint between floor and wall as well as rigid joint between floor and wall. IS code provisions for circular tank.

Rectangular Tank: Introduction, Approximate method and exact method, Underground tank: Introduction, earth pressure and uplift pressure on wall and floor respectively, design of rectangular tank.

Section D

Unit IV: Bunker, Silos and Hoppers

Introduction, Jannsen’s and Airy’s Theory, Rectangular and Circular bunker, Conical and Pyramidal hoppers.

Unit V: Chimney                                                                       

Introduction, Stresses in chimney shaft due to self-weight and wind load, stresses due to temperatures, combined effect of self-weight, wind and temperature, design of RCC chimney.

Text Books

  1. R.C.C Designs by B.C. Punmia and A.K. Jain, Laxmi Publication.
  2. Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures, P. Dayaratnam, Oxford& IBH Publication New Delhi.
  1. Reinforced Concrete-Limit State Design, A. K. Jain, Nem Chand & Bros.,Roorkee.
  2.   Reinforced Concrete Design, S. N. Sinha, TMH Publication, New Delhi.


Reference Books

  1. SP-16(S&T)-1980, Design Aids for Reinforced Concrete to IS: 456, BIS, N.Delhi.
  2. SP-34(S&T)-1987 Handbook on Concrete Reinforcement and Detailing`, BIS
  3. Reynold’s Hand book for Reinforced cement concrete.
  4. Reinforced Concrete, I. C. Syal &A ,K, Goel, A..H, Wheeler & Co. Delhi.