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Syllabus | B.Tech Civil Engineering | Project Planning and Management





Project Planning and Management Learning Schedule
   Pre-requisites: — 3 0 0 3


Construction project planning and administration the art of directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a project by using modern management techniques to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, cost, time, quality and participation satisfaction. Teaching these requirements by the designed course content.


  1. To train the students in the field work so as to have a firsthand knowledge of practical problems related to Construction Management in carrying out engineering tasks
  2. To optimize the time of construction of a project by project planning tools.
  3. To update the planners at site for material resources, time scheduling and project cost.
  4. To give knowledge of risk management and remedial measures.
  5. To make students aware of different construction equipment.


On completion of this course the students will be able

  1. To plan, schedule and control the construction of the project.
  2. To use project planning tools.
  3. To carry out cost analysis and project updating.
  4. To study risk analysis and resource allocation at site.
  5. Understand different types of construction equipment its uses and output.


 Section A

Unit I: Project Management

Introduction, Project planning, scheduling, controlling, Role of decision in project management, Project management Process and role of Project Manager.

Unit II: Project Planning Tools

Bar Charts and Milestones Chart: Introduction, Development of bar chart, Short comings and remedial measures, Milestone charts.

CPM & PERT: Elements of network, Time estimates, frequency distribution, mean, variance and standard deviation, probability distribution.

Network Analysis: Slack, Float, Critical path, crashing of activity.

 Section B

Unit III: Cost Analysis & Updating

Introduction, Projects cost: Direct cost, Indirect cost, slope of direct cost curve, total project cost and optimum duration, cost optimization.

Project Updating: Introduction, updating process, data required for updating, steps in process updating.

 Section C

Unit IV: Risk analysis and Resource allocation

Certainty, risk and uncertainty, risk management, identification and nature of construction risks, contractual allocation of risk, types of risks, minimizing risks and mitigating losses, use of expected values, utility in investment decisions, decision trees, sensitivity analysis.

Resource Allocation: Resource usage profiles, Resource smoothing and levelling.

 Section D

Unit V: Construction Equipment

Types of compaction Equipment’s, Types of Excavation and digging Equipment’s, Types of hoisting equipment’s, Types of Material handling Equipment’s and Types of heavy earth moving equipment’s.

Text Books

  1. Project Planning and Control with PERT and CPM by B. C. Punmia, K.K. Khandelwal, Laxmi Publication.
  2. Sharma S.C. Construction equipment and management, Khanna Publishers,New Delhi.

Reference Books

  1. Peurifoy,R.L., Ledbetter.W.B and schexnayder,C, construction planning and equipment methods, McGraw Hill, Singapore.
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