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Syllabus | B.Tech Civil Engineering | Principles & Design of Water Treatment & Distribution System | 13010503

Course    Code Principles & Design of Water Treatment & Distribution System Learning Schedule
13010503 Pre-requisites: — 3 0 0 3


Water supply and its treatment system are attached with the life cycle of every human being. To identify the problems associated with the treatment of the water and its supply it is essential to have the knowledge of this course. Students learn Effect of population dynamics on water demand, Physicochemical Principles applied in water treatment, Unit operations, principles and processes for pre-treatment and treatment of raw water, Principles, functions and design of different treatment units and processes. Upon completion, students should be able to design and construct the water treatment plant for the single unit, residential area or for society along with knowledge of distribution of water and requirement of building plumbing. 


  1. Understand the basic principles and concepts of unit operations and processes involved in water treatment.
  2. Understand the disinfection process in water treatment.
  3. Understand the details of water supply systems.
  4. To teach students pipe network design for the supply of water to the group of tenements. 


On completion of this course, the students will be able to

  1. Know the type of unit operations and processes involved in water treatment plants.
  2. Understand unit operations and processes required for satisfactory treatment of water.
  3. Know the design of unit operation or process appropriate to the situation by applying physical, chemical, biological and engineering principles.
  4. Design water treatment units in a cost effective and sustainable way and to evaluate its performance to meet the desired health and environment related goals.
  5. Design pipe network for water supply for residential and individual buildings. 


Section A

Unit I: Water Quality and Population estimation

Water Quantity: Importance and necessity of water supply scheme. Water demands and its

Variations. Estimation of total quantity of water requirement. Population forecasting. Selection of a source of water supply. Impurities in water and their sanitary significance. Physical and chemical properties of water, water quality standards.

Section B

Unit II: Water Treatments Units and Disinfection System

Water Treatment: Objectives, treatment processes and their sequence in conventional treatment plant, sedimentation – plain and aided with coagulation. Filtration – mechanism involved types of filters, slow and rapid sand filtration units (features and design aspects), Disinfection principles and aeration. Other water treatment processes, purification processes in natural systems, water softening, removal of taste and odour, advanced methods of water treatment, deflouridation, dissolved solids removal.

Section C

Unit III: Water Conveyance System

Conveyance of water, Intake structures, Rising and Gravity system, Dual systems, Pumping Systems and pumping stations, valves and appurtenances, pipe materials and pipe fitting, O&M and troubleshooting for conveyance system.

Section D

Unit IV: Water Distribution System

Layout of Distribution system – Dead End system, Grid Iron system, Ring system, Radial system, their merits and demerits.

Distribution Reservoir- functions and determination of storage capacity, Water Distribution Network, analysis of distribution network, layout, capacity and pressure requirements, leak detection, Maintenance, Water supply in buildings and plumbing. 

Text Books:

  1. Garg S.K., Environmental Engineering Water Supply Engineering, Khanna Publishers.
  2. H. S. Peavy, D. R. Rowe & George Tchobanoglous, Environmental Engineering, McGraw-Hill Company, New Delhi. 

Reference Books:

  1. Nathanson, Jerry A. Basic Environmental Technology: Water Supply, Waste

Management, and Pollution Control, PHI Learning Private Limited.

  1. Rangwala, Water supply & Sanitary Engineering, Charotar Publishing House.
  2. Metcalf and Eddy, Wastewater Engineering, Treatment and reuse, Tata McGraw-Hill Edition, Fourth edition.