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Syllabus | B.Tech Civil Engineering | Estimation and Costing



  Estimation and Costing Learning Schedule
  Pre-requisites: — 3 0 0 3


This course applies estimating tools and techniques for estimation and costing of construction projects in its various stages from both client and contractor perspectives. Elements of preliminary estimating, cost planning and detailed estimating will be integrated and applied to enable rational cost related decisions. The course will also make the students capable of calculating area, volume and other dimension of the projects for the pavement purpose.


  1. To teach the students quantity survey for the preparation of preliminary and detailed estimates.
  2. To teach the students cost analysis of individual item above for the estimation purpose.
  3. To make the students aware of those factors that affect the cost of construction work and to analyze the influences that effect change in these factors.
  4. To inculcate habit of systematic recording of all those statistics which are required to maintain stocks in trade.



On Completion of this course the students will be able to

  1. Forecast the approximate cost of the projects through preliminary and detailed estimates.
  2. Analyze the rates of individual items for the preparation of the estimates.
  3. To record measurements of the finished products for the calculation of length, area, volume for payment purpose.
  4. Prepare schedule of quantities required to be attached with the tender documents.



Section A

Unit-I: Estimate

Principle of estimation, units, item work, different kinds of estimates, different methods of estimation, estimation of materials in single room building, two room building, multi storey buildings, with different sections of walls ,foundation, floors and roofs, R.B and R.C.C works, Plastering, white washing, Distempering and painting, doors and windows, lump sum items, Estimates of canals, dams, barrages, Hilly roads etc.

Section B

Unit-II Specification of Works:

Necessity of specification types of specification, general specification, specification of bricks, cement, sand, water, lime, reinforcement, detailed specification for earthwork, cement, concrete, brickwork, flooring, D.P.C, R.C.C, cement plastering, white and colour washing, distempering, painting.

Section C

Unit-III Rate analysis

Purpose, importance and requirements of rate analysis, units of measurement preparation of rate analysis. Procedure of rate analysis for items: Earth work, concrete works, R.C.C works, reinforce brick work ,plastering ,painting ,finishing (white washing ,distempering)

Section D

Unit-IV Public Works Account

Tender and acceptance of tender, Earnest money, security money, retention money, measurement book, cash book, preparation, examination and payment of bills, first and final bills, administrative sanction, technical sanction.

Billing: maintenance of muster role, preparation of pay bill, measurement of work for payment of contractors.

Different types of payment: first & final, running advance and final payment.

Valuation: Purpose of valuation, principles of valuation depreciation, sinking fund, salvage & scrap value, valuation of a building:  cost method, rental –return method.

Text Books:

  1. Dutta BN, Estimating & costing.
  2. Rangwala SC Estimating &Costing, Anand Charotar Book Stall.

Reference Books

  1. Chakraborty, Estimate costing & specification in Civil Engineering. 2. Kohli & Kohli, A text book on estimating & costing (Civil) with drawings Ambala Ramesh Publications.