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Syllabus | B.Tech Civil Engineering | Engineering Hydrology | 13010506



Engineering Hydrology Learning Schedule
13010506 Pre-requisites: — 3 0 0 3



Hydrology is a subjects which deals with Evaporation, Condensation and Precipitation of water on the earth surface and is known as hydrologic cycle. It is a study of surface and surface flow & study of under-ground water. It is study of rainfall, runoff, flood along with imparting knowledge of flood routing for irrigation projects.



  1. To provide knowledge to students regarding occurrence of rainfall, storage of water, estimation of flood.
  1. The students shall learn about ground water permeability and transmissibility and yield of water   from well. 


On completion of this course, the students will be able to

  1. The students shall learn to estimate rainfall and perform hydrograph analysis.
  2. Extract maximum amount of water from around aquifers after locating them.
  3. Perform calculation for flood routing for various irrigation projects.

Section A

Unit-I: Introduction

Hydrologic cycle, scope and application of hydrology to engineering problems, drainage basins and its characteristics, stream geometry, hypsometric curves.

Unit II: Runoff

Types & forms of precipitation, rainfall measurements, interpretation of rainfall data. Missing rain fall data, Runoff, runoff cycle, infiltration indices, Hydrograph analysis, Module hydrograph, applications. Time Series Analysis.

Section B

Unit III: Evaporation, Trasnpiration and Infiltration

Evaporation Process: Process, evaporimeters and empirical relationships, analytical method, reservoir evaporation and methods of its control.

Transpiration Process: Evapo-transpiration and its measurement, Penman`s equation and potential evapo-transpiration.

Infiltration Process: Infiltration process, initial loss, infiltration capacity and measurement of infiltration, infiltration indices.

Section C

Unit IV: Ground Water Hydrology

Ground water-Aquifers, Permeability & transmissibility- steady flow towards a well in confined & water table aquifer-Dupits & Theims equation – measurement of yield of an open well – Tube well & infiltration gallaries. Interference among wells-well losses, comparison of well and flow irrigation.

Section D

Unit V: Flood Routing

Introduction to flood routing and its importance for the construction of hydraulic reservoirs. Hydrologic routing and hydraulic routing. Methods of flood routing- Step by step method, trial and error method. 

Text Books:

  1. Engineering Hydrology by K.Subramanya.
  2. Hydrology by H.M.Raghunath


  1. Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic structure by S.K. Garg, Khanna Publication.
  2. Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic structure by B.C. Punmia, Laxmi Publications.
  3. Hydrology for Engineers by Linsely, Kohler, Paulhus.
  4. Elementary Hydrology by V.P.Singh.