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Syllabus | B.Tech Civil Engineering | Design of Steel Structures-II

  Design of Steel Structures-II Learning Schedule
Pre-requisites: Steel Structures-I 3 0 0 3


This course contains the design of flexural members, liquid storage structures, stacks etc. This course also contains the design of different structural members made up of Light Gauge Steel and Aluminium. Along with that this course is also provided with the plastic design and design of industrial structures. This is advanced level study for the design of steel structures.


  1. To teach the students advance level design of steel structures.
  2. To make the students familiar with the relevant BIS codes to be used in construction industries.
  3. To teach the students modern design methods such as plastic design and design of light gauge steel.


On completion of this course, the students will be able to

  1. Design complicated structures like plate girder, gantry girder, Industrial structures, tanks and slabs.
  2. Design steel structures on plastic theory where ever possible.
  3. Design light gauge & aluminium structures too.
  4. Use relevant BIS for above structural design.


Section A

Unit I: Plate Girder

Introduction, general consideration, distribution of stresses, web panel subjected to combined bending and shear, design of plate girder using IS:800-2007, behaviour of longitudinally stiffened plate, welding of girder components.

Section B

Unit II: Industrial Structures

Introduction, Roof and side coverings, Design loads, purlins, end bearings, general framing of industrial buildings, bracings.

Gantry Girder: Introduction, loading consideration, maximum load effect, selection of gantry girder, design of gantry girder.

Section C

Unit III: Steel Tanks and Stack

Introduction, Classification of steel tank, Wind load on tank and stack, Earthquake force on tank and stack, Design of Pressed steel tank with staging, Design consideration for steel stack,

Unit IV: Design in Light Gauge Steel and Aluminium

Introduction, Types of section, Local buckling of thin elements, Stiffened and Unstiffened Elements, Tension & Compression member, Design of flexural member, Types of connections and their design.

Section D

Unit V: Plastic Design

Introduction, Stress strain curve, Strength of tensile and compression members, bending of rectangular section, theory of plastic bending, calculation of plastic moment, plastic hinge and mechanism, strength of redundant structures, ultimate load analysis fundamentals; Static method and Mechanism method, Distributed loading, load factor, effect of axial forces on plastic moment, lateral buckling, design of columns, design of connections.


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  2. Design of Steel Structures by N. Subramanian, Oxford University Press


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