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Syllabus | B.Tech Civil Engineering | Design of Steel Structures-I

  Design of Steel Structures-I Learning Schedule
Pre-requisites: Structural Analysis 3 1 0 4


Study of BIS Codes i.e. IS:800-1984, IS:800-2007 related to design of steel structures. Study of design of different types of connections, simple and built up beams, laterally supported and unsupported beams. The subject imparts knowledge of design beams and columns under combined stresses. Design simple and built up beams and columns.


  1. To teach students loading and load combinations for the design of steel structures.
  2. To make the students familiar with the concepts of steel design starting with riveted, welded and bolted connections and eccentric connections based on IS:800-1984 and IS:800-2007.
  3. To teach the students design of tension, compression members and flexural members based on IS: 800-2007.
  4. To teach students beam-column design as a whole for uniaxial and biaxial loading along with elastic theory of buckling of beams and columns.


On completion of this course, the student will be able to

  1. Calculate load required on structure for the design of steel structure members.
  2. Design different type of joints and connections.
  3. Design of tension, compression and flexural members of the steel structures.
  4. Design beam-columns as a whole for different steel structural frame. 


Section A

Unit-I: Introduction

Properties of structural steel, Rolled steel sections as per IS specifications, factor of safety.

Working stress design of connections: riveted, welded and bolted connections, design of fillet and butt weld, eccentric connections, efficiency of joints, high tension bolts.

Limit state design of Connections: welded and bolted connections, design of fillet and butt weld, eccentric connections, efficiency of joints, high tension bolts.

Section B

Unit II: Tension Member based on IS: 800-2007

Net Sectional Area, Permissible Stress, Design of Axially Loaded Tension Member, Design of Member Subjected to Axial Tension and Bending.

Section C   

Unit III: Design of Compression Member based on IS: 800-2007

Column: Modes of Failure of a Column, Buckling Failure: Euler’s Theory, Effective Length, Slenderness Ratio. Design of Compression Members, Design of Built-Up Compression Members: Laced and Battened Columns, Design of column splice.

Unit IV: Design of Column Bases and Grillage foundation

Design of slab base and gusset base and grillage foundation along with its connection with column.

Section D

Unit V: Design of Beam based on IS: 800-2007

Introduction, beam type, section classification, lateral stability of beam, lateral torsional buckling of symmetrical section, design strength of beam (Laterally supported and unsupported), shear strength and deflection, web buckling and web crippling.

Text Books

  1. Design of Steel Structures by N. Subramanian, Oxford Publication.
  2. Design of Steel Structures by Arya and Ajmani, Nem Chand Brothers Roorkee.
  3. Ramachandra, Design of Steel structures, Vol. I & Vol. II, Standard Publishers Distributors,

Reference Books

  1. Vajrani V. N., Ratwani M. M. and Mehra H. Design and Analysis of Steel Structures, Oscar Publications.
  2. Syal I. C. Design of Steel Structures, Standard Publishers Distributors, New DelhiRamchandra, Non Linear Analysis of Steel Structures, Standard Publishers Distributors.
  3. IS: 800-2007 & Steel Table.