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27 Oct 2021

“Road Safety & Riding Awareness”

Road traffic crashes have become one of the world’s largest public-health and injury-prevention problems. Most of today’s traffic accidents are caused either due to lack of attentiveness during the driving or violating the traffic rules. Keeping this thought in mind, The Department of Civil Engineering, FEAT, SGTU organized a Hands-on-workshop cum Awareness Camp on “Road Safety & Riding Awareness”, on 27th October, 2021 at the SGT university campus.

Event started with the demonstration of the significance of road signs and traffic signals. Students were aware about the importance of the regular services of the vehicles at company service center. Scenario of deaths caused by road accidents in India were presented. On the site of Hero Moto Corp Camp, rider from Hero group give the live demonstration of the correct way of braking system for any vehicle, under any conditions. Also, a brief talk on Pre-ride checks and Riding Posture for Two-wheeler riders were also explained.

Finally, students also actively participated in the event by self-riding the vehicle, with all necessary safety gears, to learn how to drive the vehicle under any practical situation.