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Research Versus Art of Teaching
20 Feb 2021

Research Versus Art of Teaching

From the very beginning, humans have assimilated lots and lots of knowledge over a period of time that helped us to be on the top of the food chain today. The process of learning and transferring knowledge to future generations has two important pivoting characters. One is a “Student” & another is a “Teacher”. The communication between these two entities comprises the teaching-learning process. Now as we all know that the role of a Teacher is both noble and very important. At the same time, it is a job that requires high skill and experience.  The other aspect of our education system which is quite buzzing now a day is “Research”. Often we delve into debates that revolve around “Teaching Vs Research capabilities”. We also often consider teaching and research as two separate fields.

Remarks like “It is not necessary for a good researcher to be a good teacher or vice versa”, are quite common and to a great extent true. Teaching is considered an art that requires skill and research is considered to be driven by genius or out-of-the-box thinking. All these observations are quite true but if we observe them critically from another perspective we can also debate that Teaching and research are two different sides but of the same coin.

Just like teaching started as early as first human beings walked the face of the earth so did the concept of research. Discovering or inventing anything new has been the crux of research-related studies from the very start. The evolution of human beings is centered on new findings, discoveries, and inventions. Findings like the production of fire by using two stones, cutting things using sharp-edged stones, projectiles for hunting, metal forged products, etc. are nothing but pure research activities. So I feel that we can define the relation between teaching and research in brief by the following statement:

Research drives development & evolution and teaching ensures its preservation and transfer”.

We are now living in an era of tremendous technological advancements. The pace is so fast that we cannot even keep a count of all the new findings in a day. This demands an amalgamation of great teaching skills and a brilliant mind that can think out of the box. There are people who are only interested in teaching and then there are people who know a lot but cannot communicate it to others. This was inevitable because we have such an education system that on one end has elite professional courses like MBA, CA, etc. that needs good teachers and on other hand has courses like Ph.D., MPhil, etc. that require rigorous researchers. But now if we want to evolve further we have to start looking for an option that enhances our knowledge as well as the skills required to communicate it further.

Keeping this in mind at SGT University we offer our students opportunities where they can grow as better researchers and become good teachers at the same time. Constant stress on research activities, extensive research promotion policies, advanced research labs, research-based events like “SYNERGY”, project-based learning, etc. keeps our students at par with the technological advancements of today and tomorrow. And on the other hand, innovative teaching methodologies, student clubs, personality grooming exercises, two-way teaching process, and presentation-based learning, etc. helps them become better at expressing themselves and inculcate skills so that they can act as good mentors or teachers for future generations.

Asad Habeeb
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering Department