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Project Cell


  • Dr. R.P Bajpai
  • Dr. C.M Sighal
  • Dr. H.S Grover
  • Dr. M.S Sidhu
  • Dr. Rajesh Porwal
  • Dr. Amit Goyal
  • Dr. Manish Kumar
  • Dr. Manoj Kumar
  • Dr. Santosh Dixit


Project by Computer Science and Engineering Department

  1. Name of the project: Short Animation Film
  2. Project detail: This is a Short Animation Movie which will represent the Student’s Life at SGT. It will Show the Maximum Aspects of Student Walkthrough from different phases of University. This work will really be helpful for the Coming Students in the New Session to look over the Student’s Involvement in University Activities.
    Project Supervisor: Ms. Surabhi Lingwal (Assistant Professor, CSE Department)
    Students associated: Akash, Akshay, Tarun Tiwari, Vikas (CSE 4th Semester, SGTU)

  3. Name of the project: Wireless Charger cum Power Bank and a Wireless Music Player
  4. Project detail: This will help People Connecting their Phone to their Charger Wirelessly and help People Save their time in Connecting to their Phone to Charger by just keeping the Phone upon the Charger cum Power Bank. This will reduce the Problem of People who faces
    when they connect their Phone to their Charger by Data Cable and get it Damage in few Months.
    Project Supervisor: Ms. Satnam kaur (Assistant Professor, CSE Department)
    Students associated: Amit Dhali (CSE 6th Semester, MDU)

  5. Name of Project: Intelligent Burglar Alarm System
  6. Project detail: This is an Intelligent Safety Alarm System which will detect the Presence of any Intruder in your Property. This System will send a Missed Call to the Owner of any Shop or car when any Person tries to enter into his/her Property, it will also Ring an alarm.
    Project Supervisor:- Ms. Preeti Garg ( Assistant Professor, CSE Department)
    Students associated:: Akshit  Saxena, Gulsan Sharma, Praveen Kumar, Yogesh Sharma,    Kaushal Kishore ( CSE 2nd sem)

  7. Name of the project: Secure Campus using RFID
  8. Project detail: To develop a Wireless System to detect and allow only the Authorized Persons. The system was based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and consists of a Passive RFID tag. RFID transceiver communicates with the RFID tag. RFID tag transfers the data  to the Reader and Reader transmit this data to Computer System.
    Project Supervisor: Mr. Rajiv Munjal ( Assistant Professor, CSE Department)
    Students associated: Anmol, Gourav, Neeraj Kumar, Mohit Thakran(CSE-6TH SEM)

  9. Name of Project: Grievances Redressal System
  10. Project detail: - This is a Web based Application and the Objective of this Project is to Identify and Resolve the Grievances and Problems of Different People through a Common Platform.
    Project Supervisor: - Ms. Shweta Sharma (Assistant Professor)
    Students associated:  Prabind (SGTU- 4th Sem), Satendra (MCA- 2nd Sem), Dharmendra (MCA-2nd Sem).

  11. Name of Project: Performance Evaluation System
  12. Project detail: -. This is a Web based Application and Objective of this Project is to prepare a Performance Evaluation Report on the Basis of Multiple Parameters like Feedback, Results etc.
    Project Supervisor: - Mr. Gaurav( Assistant Professor, CSE Department)
    Students associated:   Prabhat Kumar (CSE MDU- 4th Sem),  Pahur Dahra (CSE MDU- 4th  Sem), Srishti  Chauhan  (CSE 6th Sem), Disha  Grover (CSE 6th sem).

  13. Name of Project: Secure Mailing System  
  14. Project detail: This is a Mailing System which allow Users to Share their Data Securely with   help of Encryption and Decryption Techniques so that no other Third one able to Hack the Data .It also provides some Security Mechanisms to Prevent Hacking of Data.
    Project Supervisor: Ms. Reenu Batra ( Assistant Professor, CSE Department)
    Students associated: Ashwini( CSE, SGTU 4th Sem.), Prashant (CSE,  SGTU 4th Sem.), Garima (CSE,  SGTU 4th Sem.)

  15. Name of Project: E-Darji
  16. Project detail: This is a Online Website or Application which Caters the Need of Online Boutique. With the help of this Website one can easily Customize his or her apparel Stitching Needs.
    Project Supervisor: Ms. Yashika Tuli( Assistant Professor, CSE Department)
    Students associated: Nikita Patra( CSE, M.D.U 4th Sem.), Payal  (CSE,  MDU4th Sem.), 

  17. Name of Project : Online Assessment System 
  18. Project detail: Online Assessment System will be used to Track the Progress of the Students on Regular Basis. It will Enhance Technical and Analytical Skills of the Students. Project Supervisor: Ms. Kalpana Batra (Assistant Professor, CSE Department)
    Students associated: Nisha (M.tech  1st year), Ashwini, Yashika, Garima, Shubham (CSE 2nd  year) 

  19. Name of the project: IOT Based Railway Track System
  20. Project detail: This Project focuses on the minimization of the loss caused due to these train calamities.In order to get the prior information of any hurdle in normal functioning of the train. We will use IOT based Sensor and Micro Controllers to detect fault ahead on the way.
    Magnetic sensors can be used for Various Purposes. Fiber optics cable can be laid on the tracks to track breakage.
    Project Supervisor: Ms Neha Gehlot (Assistant Professor, CSE Department)
    Students associated:  Bharti, Vinita, Priya, Swati (CSE 6thSEM, MDU), Kumar Gaurav (CSE2ndsem, SGTU)

Project by Mechanical Engineering Department

  1. Name of the project: Robotic Injective Vital
  2. Project detail: Human beings posses the attribute of sensitive and emotional behaviour which sometimes may impart some negative effects too. This nature of humans makes them little inefficient towards medical operations. This project aims to perform a part of medical operation (Injecting medicine in living beings) with the help of robots. The successful completion of this project will helps in reducing the human efforts in hospital also it serves the hygiene and accuracy purpose.
    Project Supervisor: Mr. Dinesh Deshwal
    Students associated: Rahul (ME 3rd year), Pushpender (ME 3rd year), Riya (ME 3rd year), Pooja (ME 3rd year), Ritesh (ME 3rd year), Lokesh (ME 3rd year), Bipanpreet (ME 3rd year)

  3. Name of the project: Integrated Drunk and Drive Prevention System
  4. Project detail: Road accidents are increasing at a faster rate from year to year. The major cause of such accidents is the drunken state of the driver due to which he has no control on his consciousness and driving skills.  This project aims to stop the vehicle when it is driven by alcoholic person to avoid the chances of miss-happening. The successful completion of this project will helps in achieving the accident free transportation. This projects will serve the safety concerns related to driving the vehicles.
    Project Supervisor: Mrs Monika
    Students associated: Ashutosh (ME 2rd year), Chirag (ME 2rd year), Hemant (ME 2rd year), Gaurav Rana (ME 2rd year), Saransh (ME 2rd year), Hemant Yadav (ME 2rd year), Lalit (ME 1st year),  Nidhi (ME 1st year), Sachi (ME 1st year), Piyush (ME 1st year)

  5. Name of the project: Efficient Engine runs on blends of diesel and producer gas
  6. Project detail: Most of the automobile engines operate on diesel, which falls under the non-renewable energy category.  Furthermore, the emissions from diesel engines are the major environmental concern from very long which leads to air pollution and global warming. This project aims to develop a Dual fuel engine operate on blends of diesel and producer gas. The successful completion of this project will reduce the consumption of conventional energy source (diesel) and green house gas percentage. Moreover, energy from waste and un-usable biomass can be extracted by this project and an alternate clean fuel can be invented.
    Project Supervisor: Mr. Vikas Kannojiya
    Students associated: Anil (Mechanical 3rd year), Saurav (Mechanical 3rd year), Sumit Kumar (Mechanical 3rd year), Rahul Gupta (Mechanical 3rd year), Gaurav (Mechanical 3rd year),  Youdhjit (Mechanical 3rd year),  Ankit Saini (Mechanical 3rd year), Tarun (Mechanical 3rd year)

Project by Civil Engineering Department

  1. Name of the project: Base Isolation System
    Project detail: Base isolation by using flexible base foundation system  for earthquake prevention.The main objective of base isolation system is to resist the plastic deforamation of the building  minimizes the damage from the disaster and protecting the superstructure from the heavy damage and saving many lives.
     Project Supervisor: Malini Tewari
    Students associated: Abhishek babu (CE 6th sem),  Vaibhav(CE 6th sem), Rahul singh (CE 6th sem) , Ansal(CE 6th sem), Himanshu(CE 6th sem), Akash(CE 6th sem).

  2. Name of the project: Modification of existing building into Green Building
    Project detail: The growth and development of our communities has a large impact on our natural environment. The manufacturing, design, construction and operation of the buildings in which we live and work are responsible for the consumption of many of our natural resources. Main objective is to modify the SGT University building into green building.
    Project Supervisor: Kaushal Sharma and Vipin Tiwari
    Students associated: Krishnan (CE 4th sem), Dinker (CE 4th sem), Tarun (CE 4th sem), Ayush (CE 4th sem), Pankaj(CE 4th sem), Rahul Sharma(CE 4th sem), Piyush(CE 4th sem)

  3. Name of the project: Seismic-Damper
    Project detail: Seismic performance is an execution of a building structure's ability to sustain its due functions, such as safety and serviceability, at and during a particular earthquake.
    Project Supervisor: Mr. Anurag Chouksey
    Students associated: Puneet(CE 6th sem), Deepanshu(CE 6th sem), Sanjay(CE 6th sem), Vaibhav(CE 6th sem), Nitesh(CE 6th sem), Viresh, Anand(CE 6th sem)

  4. Name of the project: IOT based garbage monitoring system
    Project detail: Monitored the level of garbage in the bin using the wave sensor. Ultrasonic sensor will detect the level of garbage in the bin and using microcontroller the result of sensor will be analyzed and that will be transfer through wi-fi modem and can be access from the control room using a web page that will be build specifically to show the level of garbage in the various bins attached to that system.
    Project Supervisor: Neeraj Kumar Verma
    Students associated::- Pakaj(CE 6th sem),, Ashsish Rana(CE 6th sem),, Rahul Sharma(CE 6th sem),, Mudung(CE 4th sem), Shubham Panday(CE 4th sem)

  5. Name of the project: IOT based Air pollution & Sound Pollution monitoring system    
  6. Project detail: To select an area having a heterogeneous type of air pollution like vehicular pollution, industrial pollution as well as heterogeneous types of sound pollution from various types of pollution sources.
    (b) Monitor the Live Air Quality and Live Sound Quality through IOT.
    (c) Developing systems which can accommodate both air and sound monitoring sensing equipments.
    (d) Suggest measures to control the amount of pollution when it crosses its threshold
    Project Supervisor: Mr. Abhishek Kumar
    Students associated: - .Shubham Pandey (CE 4th sem), Zeeshan Shamim (CE 4th sem), Kapil(CE 6th sem), Arun(CE 6th sem), . Viresh Kumar (CE 6th sem) 

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