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9 Feb 2021

Permeable Pavement: A Possible Solution to the City Water Clogging Problem

“We have forgotten the art of drainage. We only see land for buildings, not for water.”

                                                                                                                               Sunita Narain’s (Director, CSE)

Most of the Indian cities whether national political capital “Delhi” or national financial capital “Mumbai” are the unplanned developed cities so the needed infrastructure like connectivity infrastructure or water drainage infrastructure is also inadequate despite the fact that before every monsoon season, all the body responsible for development of water drainage system claim to be adequate but in reality the monsoon season provide abandon evidence of otherwise and that make every monsoon a headue instead of happiness for the residence of these cities.

Resent past has shown that during the monsoon season almost all the cities has been flooded causing enormous damage of the property and some time human life, like flood in Mumbai. This unfortunate unplanned development of Indian cities, illegal and unregulated construction activities are the biggest foe of human safety during the monsoon. Along with these issues the water drainage system that has been build also get clogged due to household waste and that reduces the efficiency of drainage system.

In cities most of the land used for infrastructure like road for movement, residence area, office building or industry development result in the decrease of land water absorption capacity and very little land available that allow the rainwater penetration in the ground so almost all the rain water has to be transported by the drainage system only.

A possible solution to reduce the water clogging in the cities during the monsoon is to use water permeable materials in road, in this direction permeable concrete pavement and permeable paver-block use on at least light traffic road and bicycles track, footpath will be helpful in increasing the water permeability of ground and that may be connected to the underground drainage system that will finally carry the water to the natural water bodies.

A permeable concrete pavement is a road pavement that may be used in the construction of light load carrying road or footpath which has high void ratio which allows the nearly free flow of water through it. They are very effective in area where water clogging occurs due to the water penetration/flow issue due to dense compacted materials.

Neeraj Kumar Verma
Assistant Professor
CE, FEAT, SGT University