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25 Feb 2019


Mechanical Engineering (FET) organized Short Term Course on Recent Trends in Automobile Technology in association with NITTTR, Chandigarh from 25th Feb 2019 to 01st March 2019. Modern Automobile Engineering is advancing at a rapid rate and a number of features are being added in modern automobiles. The advances pertain to mechanical, thermal, Electronics, Electrical as well as software. The course has been planned to give exposure to the participants of the newer developments in this field.

Course Contents (Day wise):

Day 1 (25/02/2019): Next generation Automotive Mobility Engineering and RCCI Engines

Day 2 (26/02/2019): Advanced Engines technologies for Diesel Engines and Advanced Engine Technologies    for Gasoline engines

Day 3 (27/02/2019): Manufacturing Trends in Automotive Industries and Autonomous Vehicles

Day 4 (28/02/2019): Automotive transmission Optimization and Automotive Sensors

Day 5 (01/03/2019): Emission Control Technology for SI Engines and Alternative Fuels for Engines.