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“3D printed structures are strong, built to withstand tornados and allow for simple concrete repair where sections can be rebuilt and swapped out”, Keeping this thought,  The Department of Civil Engineering, FEAT, SGTU organized a Webinar on “3D Printing in construction”, on 17th April, 2021. Dr.  Kedar Sharma, Associate Professor in Civil Engineering department, J K Lakshmipat University, Jaipur was the guest speaker. Several challenges related to construction industries are addressed by using 3D printing technique in the webinar. The 3D printing in construction has already been proven to have a huge number of benefits, from an economical manufacturing process to endless design possibilities. 3D printers can print continuously with some companies already offering a build time of 12-24 hours for a single-storey property. This type of automatic construction is not limited to company working hours and can run overnight, also explained in webinar.

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