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Need of Renewable Energy
29 Jun 2021

Need of Renewable Energy – Mechanical Engineering

India is one of the countries with a large production of energy from renewable sources. As the data provided by the ministry of Indian government 38% of the total energy produced from renewable energy resources.

Still, we lacking far behind the other developed countries in this field. According to the Paris agreement, our target of producing 40% of total energy consumption in India up to 2030 as the energy consumption is increasing day by day.

Now the question is why we need more and more energy.

The prosperity index of any country is represented by the availability and consumption of energy. India is a growing country and we need more energy to meet the rising demand due to

  • The Population of India. We have reached almost one and half billion and it requires more energy.
  • Industrialization is another factor that is also growing very fast in India and foreign investment increased the energy demand in India.
  • We need more agricultural production to feed the population, so the energy demand is also increasing in this sector.
  • We know that with the growth of any country the living standard of the people is also improved and to meet this requirement again we need more energy.

In this process of increasing the energy supply to meet the demand, we can never forget that energy production and utilization degrade the environment. So, we need to use advanced technologies, methodology, and sources for the economic and social development in India without mush degrading the environment because energy production, energy consumption, economic development, and environmental pollution are directly related to each other. For achieving our targets in a safe environment now, we have only one option left and that is renewable energy sources to protect our environment and left behind a safe living environment for our coming generation because renewable energy sources give us a better option to meet our energy targets without polluting our environment.

Like solar energy, Biomass energy, Wind energy, Hydro energy, Geothermal energy, Ocean energy etc.

To understand the importance of these energy sources we need to study the energy scenario in India:

In India presently energy consumption is almost 4 lakh MW and we would require 4.5 lakh MW by 2022 to meet the GDP of 8%.

According to increasing demand, it is expected that we would require 9.5 Lakh MW by 2030. If we talk about the per capita energy consumption in India today. It is 950 kWh, which is 0.25 of the global average and 05 of the Asian average, which is directly related to the living standard of our country. It shows that we are lacking behind in the world in this field.

Now, if we take a look at the availability of energy resources in India. We have reserved billion tons of coal which last for the next few decades. Here, it is very important to know that we import 68% of our oil requirements from other countries. But these both options are very harmful to the environment.

We have a potential of 1 lakh MW in the hydro resources but we have installed only 45 thousand MW in our country because it requires a huge initial investment. Coming to nuclear resources, India has installed 22 reactors which are generating almost 7000 MW and we have planned to reach 30 thousand in the coming years. But here again, it is very difficult to dispose of nuclear waste safely.

Again, if we take a look at the consumption and the future scenario in India.

In the next 12 years in India, the electricity requirement will be 2.5 times of present demand.We will have a shortage of approximately 25 to 35 GW.

One we should never forget that around 400 million people in India are still living without electricity. It is also another challenge for our country. Looking at these numbers, we can observe that India is heading towards the energy crises, and using these fossil fuel-based energy resources, our energy sector will be unable to deliver the uninterrupted supply for the growing demand.

A lot of research and interest is required in this field to meet our future targets of energy generation in the coming years.

Without the contribution of our youth, it can never be possible to achieve these future targets.

Atlast, once again I would say, we have no option. We have to go for renewable energy resources.