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11 Jan 2021

“Mechanical Engineering After COVID 19”

The word Engineering comes from the basic word “Engine”. So we can say without hesitation that the engineering word has come from a branch of subjects that predominantly relates to it Engine or its functions. Henceforth, Mechanical Engineering is a quintessential form of engineering. Since the development of a nation can be measured with the latest advancement & usage of this branch. Since then, up to now, we are about to see an upcoming industrial revolution named INDUSTRY 4.0 which also comes with whole bigger horizons for mechanical engineering & its various specializations. The prospects which a mechanical engineer has can never be mitigated by any other branch of Engineering.

Currently, the whole world is affected by COVID – 19. This is a type of pandemic which no country has seen with such huge repercussions. So, all countries are taking several steps to cure & curb this virus. To keep COVID – 19 patients in hospitals, ventilators are being manufactured on a myriad scale & are being used. Take a pause & think for a moment about how can a country with the 2nd largest population in the world manage to manufacture this many ventilators in this pandemic situation for their patients. It can only be possible with the help of modern machines & its efficacy to be this perfect. Mechanical Engineers & their invented machines are only helping us to do this mammoth task for our nation. With the help of robots, Automation in manufacturing is becoming achievable to a greater extent. In the lockdown period itself, our nation became the 2nd largest PPE kit manufacturer throughout the world. Again, think about how it has become possible. Everyone will end up with an answer that because of modern machines & equipment it’s possible. To be said precisely mechanical engineers have made it possible.

So, it’s debate less that is mechanical engineering required at this stage or in the upcoming times of national economic slowdown? The real question would be, which specialization of mechanical engineering would lead you into a successful entrepreneur & a person investing in a nation’s advancement of the economy. At SGT University, you not only get to do a mechanical engineering course but you get to choose various specializations provided in it. The specializations are Robotics, Machine Design, Thermal Engineering, Manufacturing, Automotive Design, and Development. A student gets to choose the future path of his Endeavour. So, at SGT University, not only you get to learn general mechanical Engineering but also you can opt for mechanical Engineering with these minor specializations which surely would be a great add–on for your knowledge. Our curriculum is a full industry-oriented curriculum which a student can acquire is his graduation days, so that he ends up easily meeting the demands of the upcoming INDUSTRY

4.0 revolution. So, I hope all the students will take a wise decision of their own brightened career by joining SGT University with indomitability. A lot more is to explore by you all young budding engineers in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Shivendra Singh
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering & Technology
SGT University, Gurugram