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24 Apr 2021

Low Cost Ventilator

Reason: Due to shortage and high cost of Ventilators in the medical sector, the lives of people were suffering. There was a huge demand of ventilators in the society. So we took the initiative to make the low cost ventilators which people can afford. Also we focused on portability of ventilators which will help the patient to survive till he reaches the hospital in emergency.

Description: The ventilator ensures that the patient continues to breathe and the delivery of oxygen to all the organs of the body is maintained. In the ventilator, the monitoring gives continuous information about the vital parameters and the need for altering the ventilator settings to meet the patient’s requirements in view of his disease and the general condition. It is portable and can be easily moved with the patient not only in the ambulance but on the patient trolley also. This will be beneficial for people of all age group. It is a compact ventilator which will be easy to displace from one place to another and will be less expensive as compared to the others in the market.