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MECHANICAL Dept. Patents filed (If any) SGTU Affiliated only
S.No. Patent Filed Number Patent filed Date Patent Report
1 339172-001 16-02-21 Dr. Atul Babbar – Liquid spray bottle with corner refilling attachment

Abstract – Focus on the constant liquid spray bottle, rapid refilling of the liquid in the bottle would make the bottle’s usability more noticeable. It would definitely reduce operator time and fatigue to refill the bottle repeatedly. Hence, to enhance the overall spraying and liquid refilling ability, a ‘Liquid spray bottle with corner refilling attachment’ has developed.
The whole concept is to ease in refilling of spray bottle. The major application of ‘Liquid spray bottle with corner refilling attachment’ would be sanitization spray, irrigation, pesticide spray and indoor plantation.

2 2.02011E+11 07-12-2020 Dr. Atul Babbar –  Apparatus for controlling movement of vehicle

Abstract -The present disclosure relates to an apparatus for controlling movement of vehicle, the apparatus includes a frame configured with a handle adapted to be held by a user, a braking mechanism configured to the handle and coupled with a wheel, the braking mechanism comprising, a brake lever adapted to be operated by the user to move the brake lever in a first direction, wherein, the movement of the brake lever in first direction, creates a downward force to act on a lever latch to fasten a gripping element of the lever latch with a hook. A brake arm pivotally coupled to the brake lever, wherein, upon fastening the lever latch, the brake arm  is moved upward to contact the wheel with a brake shoe to effect stoppage of the vehicle.


3 334845-001 03-11-2020 Dr. Atul Babbar –  Single touch lever brake for the manual rickshaw

Abstract – When the pulled Manual rickshaw is needed to be stopped on hilly slope roads, driver has to continuously apply the brake to stop the rickshaw because the release of the brake will cause the rickshaw to move backward that could lead to road accident. Hence to avoid road accidents, rickshaw’s brake is needed to apply continuously but it induces driver’s fatigue. Therefore, ‘Single touch lever brake’ has developed to work as power hand brake. The whole concept is to choke and release/unchoke the manual pulled tricycle rickshaw’s brake with a single touch specifically in hilly and rainy slope roads.