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26 Aug 2021

International Celonis workshop

Department of  Electronics and Communication  & Computer Science and Engineering, FEAT are organizing an international workshop on 27th August, 2021 from 2 p.m to 3.30 p.m  for the discussion on  theme “Process Mining and Business Process Automation with Celonis”. Respected DEAN, Dr. Manish Mahajan; HOD, Dr. Sahil Vashisht; and faculty coordinator, Ms Shelly Bansal will be conducted this international workshop.

This international workshop will be guided by NHOC ANH NGO (academic Alliance Professional) and Prathiksha Yashwanth ( Academic Alliance Working Student) both are responsible for the global education and research cooperation program at Celonis, Germany.

The lecture will be an interactive and applied introduction to Process Mining, a data-analytics technology that reconstructs and visualizes as-is business processes out of digital footprints from the data that companies store in their IT systems, such as ERP, CRM, or SCM and Business Process Automation, a workflow automation platform that enables businesses and private users to connect any apps services at enterprise/personal level using a low-code/no-code visual integrator to visually build, maintain and organize integrations and workflows. The session starts with a motivation for process excellence as a key success factor in today’s digitized world. It covers a short theoretical introduction into the concept of Process Mining and Business Process Automation. The focus of the workshop will be a live demo including hands-on exercises for the participants. The session will also include insights into the start-up story of Celonis and the business impact of Process Mining. It ends with an outlook and a Q&A session.

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