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Interdisciplinary Research
9 Mar 2021

Interdisciplinary Research – Need of an Hour

Research is considered to be a methodological study and investigation of various sources and materials in order for the establishment of facts and coming out to new results, discussions, and conclusions. Earlier ware the times when the research is carried out in one particular area and the results were drawn. With the advancement in technology bypassing decades, new concepts are being developed and this forms the basis of the platform of interdisciplinary research. Interdisciplinary research, as the name suggests, is the research that involves the combination of two or more than two different areas, which combine together so as to get a new innovative outcome. Interdisciplinary research doesn’t only involve the research amongst the various streams of a particular area but also focuses on research from streams of various different areas.

For example, if research is carried out by considering the concept of 3D Printing in the construction of buildings or in the making of mechanical instruments, it can be considered as one form of Interdisciplinary research. Also, if the waste is produced from the medical healthcare units and is embedded in the concrete and then, the same concrete is checked for the determination of its strength in various scenarios, it is also considered to be Interdisciplinary research. Interdisciplinary research opens up a door for the researchers of various streams to combine their ideas and thoughts, which may result in a fruitful outcome.

The basic steps involved in Interdisciplinary Research are Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control, and Closing. One of the major advantages of Interdisciplinary research is that the research can be Qualitative and Quantitative. Also, Interdisciplinary research is a term that should not be confused with Intradisciplinary Research, Cross-Disciplinary Research, Multi-Disciplinary Research, and Trans-Disciplinary Research. Also, in the present scenarios, various journals have open their options in their scope and aim for accepting the manuscript.

Thus, interdisciplinary research is a method of research by an individual or organization that participates concepts, information, data, tools, techniques, perspectives, and/or theories from two or more bodies or disciplines of dedicated knowledge to advance essential understanding or to find out the solution of the problems, which are beyond the space of a single discipline or area of research practice.

Mr. Yaman Hooda
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
SGT University