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8 Mar 2019

Industrial Visit for Precast Technology

The Department of Civil Engineering had organised an Industrial visit for Precast Technology understanding and enhance the industrial safety related knowledge during the 48th National Safety Day (Company Safety Week) to Godrej Golf Link Construction site on 8th March 2019.
This was a very fruitful visit which help the students in understanding Precast fabrication and Construction related safety hazards and what are the precautions taken to mitigate these hazards. Mrs. Pallavi Singh briefed us all about the safety precaution and with various kinds of safety jackets, hand globes, shoes and helmet used. Students able to get first hand understanding of these safety related kits in the Safety Mela which was organised to celebrate Safety Week.
Mr. Nikhil Jain, Engineer Precast Technology unit of Godrej accompanies the students to the fabrication site and explains the various steps and techniques involved in the pre-casting of various structural members. Students learned about the vibrating and non-vibrating types tilting table, magnetic form work which used for casting of members and how to adjust for a required size. They have also learned about the use of lifting hooks, needle vibration. They also understand the concept of stripping time and what are its governing factors. Vapour curing system had been installed to accelerate the curing and hence reduced the stripping time.
Students have also learned about the connections in precast members which are most important part of pre-casting, proper connections are necessary for proper joints and good finishing. Instead of dowel tube they are using NMB sleeve which is a new japan technology at the overlapping where the overlapping length is large.