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18 Aug 2019

Induction Trip 2019

Faculty of Engineering & Technology organized 2 days educational trip to SANGANER Jaipur, a busy suburban hub of craft workshops where local artisans sell traditional Bagru textile prints.
Students had the experience to explore the various techniques of block printing and screen printing with dyes. The students visited the Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal and also the local markets and to study about the history, architecture, traditional costumes/jewelry, cultural beliefs, and handicraft. The students had hands-on experience when they visited Sanganer. It was the most important part of the trip as students learned about Block printing and its techniques, which is the oldest form of printing the fabrics. This kind of trip plays an essential role in the holistic development of Engineering Students. Overall it was a great experience of learning, joy, and bonding among the new students.