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Successful Career in Mechanical Engineering
19 Jan 2021

How Could You Build a Successful Career in Mechanical Engineering?

Do you know Mechanical Engineering is one of those evergreen branches of Engineering, which over time has contributed to several innovations? This field of engineering virtually touches every aspect of modern life, right from mobile phones to biomedical devices, aircraft to power plants.

Also, in my opinion, you should join mechanical engineering because you would love to design and develop mechanical systems like Robots, Automobile parts, infrastructural parts and much more.

As a student of mechanical engineering, you get to know more about thermodynamics, manufacturing processes, solid mechanics, material science, fluid dynamics, etc.

Now, the question is how could you get admission in this course and what is the minimum eligibility? So, in order to get admission in B.Tech Mechanical Engineering, you need to pass 10+2 in Science with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with any one subject i.e. Chemistry/Biotechnology/Biology/Technical Vocational Subject/Computer Science/Information Technology/Informatics Practices/ Agriculture/ Engineering Graphics /Business Studies.

Now, that you have the eligibility, you need to search out for a top college of mechanical engineering that provides quality education and helps you excel in your career.

A good college has highly qualified and experienced faculty members to teach and train students in the right manner. A good college not only provides the students with the right knowledge, however, make them ready for future challenges.

The Most Promising Industries for Mechanical Engineers

Once you get qualified, you can find employment virtually anywhere where innovation takes place. You can find challenging roles in sectors like aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, chemical, construction, defence, electronics, marine, materials and metals, pharmaceuticals, rail, and utilities.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, the largest employers of mechanical engineers are as follows:

  • Machinery manufacturing – 13%
  • Scientific research and development services – 7%
  • Transportation equipment manufacturing – 12%
  • Architectural, engineering, and related services – 22%
  • Computer and electronic product manufacturing – 7%

Benefits of pursuing Mechanical Engineering as a Career

Now, let’s explain the benefits broadly-:

  1. Global opportunities: Mechanical engineers are in great demand across the globe. Every country needs engineers to work on their different projects. If travelling around the world is your priority, or you have always desired to live in a different country, a degree in mechanical engineering could help you get there.
  1. Forefront of future technologies: If you are excited by technological advancement, then a degree in this field will be perfect for you. Once you get qualified, you lead on and develop new technologies. Therefore, you will be at the heart of the process. Designing products for a range of industries like robotics, transport, construction and healthcare can make a positive and significant impact on the world.
  1. Bright career possibilities: The Mechanical engineering course opens the door to a brighter future and offers a huge range of career possibilities. Professionals do work on different projects. Students with a degree in this field of study have a bright future in front of them. Several companies offer work opportunities to students and meanwhile offer a good salary package.
  1. Job security: With the various career opportunities, it’s a surety that if you get admission in this field, then you will find the job right after completing your course. As per the recent statistics, every year almost every student gets a job in the relevant field. The best colleges for mechanical engineering provide placement service and organize job fairs for students.
  1. A challenging work environment: Carrying out work in this field is very challenging as well as rewarding. In this field, you will get plenty of opportunities to learn new things. During your professional career, you will get many difficulties or challenges; however, you will have the confidence to deal with the problems.

Emerging Areas for Mechanical Engineering Students

  1. 3D Printing: 3D printing is a revolutionary technology, which is sprawling in almost all modern work fields. With the help of 3D printing, you can produce complex shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing methods. Therefore one doesn’t need huge factories with manufacturing setups.
  1. UAV developments: An unmanned aerial vehicle commonly known as a drone is gaining huge popularity. UAV applications are used in various missions. Some of them include the aerial imagery for civil and military purposes; surveillance of disaster-prone areas, counter operations during terrorist attacks, environmental studies, etc.
  1. Electric Vehicles: The concept of electric vehicles comes into effect in order to address the issues of rising pollution, global warming, etc.
  1. Biomechanics: “Bionic” is the term used to refer to the artificial material or you can say an object that copies the action done by a part of the human body. For example, a bionic arm copies the actions of a human arm; the bionic leg copies the human leg. They are created using the principles of biomechanics.