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30 Jan 2019

HOPP(Haryana Operational Pilot Project) Site Visit

The Department of Civil Engineering has organized a visit to HOPP site (Haryana Operational Pilot Project) in Kahni Village and Lakhan Majra Workshop on 30 January, 2019.
The purpose of this visit is to help students in better understanding of the soil related parameters studied under saline soil reclamation. In addition to that workshop visit enhanced the understanding of students toward machinery used for reclamation of soil. This visit has provided knowledge of on-site experiments to determine the soil related parameters such as pH, salinity etc.
As of the Haryana Government efforts for the farmer’s development, Haryana Operational Pilot Project (HOPP) has been implemented at different waterlogged and saline soils for the reclamation of soils in Haryana. The on-going Haryana Operational Pilot Project is Sonepat-III SSD Project in “Kanhi Village” covering 200 hectare area and associated workshop is in Lakhan Majra in district rohtak, Haryana.
Students have collected soil samples for in-situ testing at Environmental Engineering Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, at SGT University