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9 Dec 2020

Fundamental of project mangement

Project Management plays a vital role in the success of any project since it involves the process of leading the team to achieve the primary goal, considering both time and economy. The primary challenge of a Project Manager is to achieve all the project goals within the given constraints. The Department of Civil Engineering organized a webinar on “Fundamentals of Project Management” on December 09, 2020 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM. The basic understanding of a project and project management, followed by the characteristic of a project. Difference between a project and an operations was discussed with suitable examples. The role of a Project Manager and one’s characteristics were also discussed. Various Project Management Process Groups of Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing were discussed, with their inter – relationships. Discussion on the failure of projects were discussed, followed by 10 basic steps of successful Project Management and successful Project Managers.