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Guest Lectures in Electronics & Communication Engg
Sr. no. Date Venue Topic/Technology Spoke Person (Industry/Institutions) Students
1. 15-20 March SGTIET Deregulation of Electrical Energy Dr. M.A Khan (JMI) ECE&EEE
2. Feb-March SGTIET Routers & Switches Mr. Naveen(Industry) ECE&EEE
3. 10-15 April SGTIET Instrumentation Dr. Janardan Parshad ECE&EEE
4. 20-25 May SGTIET Modelling of the System Mr. Karmveer Singh ECE&EEE
5. 14th February 2017 SGTIET Digital Disruption & Role of IoT & Analytics Vodafone India limited, Mumbai ECE
6. 27th March 2017 SGTIET Medical applications of Optical Fibers and Lasers in Hospital and Research Mr. J.K Chhabra ECE
7. 3rd April 2018 SGTIET Satellite Communication and Its Application Sh. Umesh Kumar Arya ECE
8. 23rd March 2018 SGTIET Fabrication Capabilities, Packaging, Silicon Wafer orientation/identification and MEMS characterization Dr. Ayan Karmakar ECE
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