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Educational Cum Industrial Visit- EMAAR-Site, Emperial Garden, Sector 102, Gurugram

Educational Cum Industrial Visit- EMAAR-Site, Imperial Garden, Sector 102, Gurugram

The Department of Civil Engineering conducted a visit at EMAAR site in sector 102, Gurugram, Haryana on 5th February 2019. In total 40 students of B.Tech and M.Tech program in Civil Engineering visited the site.

The purpose of this visit was to help students to understand in field construction, demonstrate the theory concepts within field construction techniques, Reinforced Cement Concrete, Foundation Engineering, Road construction and materials testing subject in field demonstration.

Under the supervision of project manager Mr Vinod Balhara and site engineer, Vijayant Dahiya Students learnt about elevated multi-story parking and reasons why they could not construct underground parking in that site. They also learnt about the slab, beam, column and shear wall construction.

Students also learnt about the swimming pool design, construction and how to maintain the proper temperature of water in the pool. And also how to design pool drainage.

They also learnt about the Bituminous road construction, about the various layers of the road like Sub-base, Base, WMM, and BC also learned about the drainage system and embankment of the road.

We also discussed Beam-Column joint design, shear wall design and quality assurance parameters and tests like Sand replacement method and core cutter method to ensure proper road construction quality.


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