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Labs in Mechanical Engg

Lab: Kinematics of Machine (KOM) and Material Science (MS)

S.No. Instrument/ Items
1. Polishing Machine (MS)
2. Belt Grinder (MS)
3. Muffle Furnace (MS)
4. Compound  Microscope (MS)
5. links,pairs,chains and mechanisms
6. Slider Crank mechanisms apparatus
7. Combined Coil & Belt Friction Apparatus
8. Cam & Follower arrangements
9. Types of gears—Helical, Cross Helical, worm, bevel gear
10. Types of gear train—Simple, Compound, Reverted, Epicyclic & Differential

Dynamics of Machines Lab. And Measurement & Instrumentation

S.No. Instrument
1. Governor (Porter. Proell. Hartnell) (DOM)
2. Static And Dynamic Balancing (DOM)
3. Compound Pendulum (DOM)
4. Triffilar Suspension (DOM)
5. Gyroscope (DOM)
6. Brakes (Band & Block, Band Brake, Disc Brake, Single and Double shoe, Internally expanding brake) (DOM
7. Bourden Pressure Gauge
9. Strain measurement  tutor
10. Pressure Measurement Tutor

Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines Lab.

S.No. Instrument
1. Impact Flow Jet Apparatus
2. Reynolds Apparatus
3. Pipe Friction Apparatus
4. Apparatus For the Loss Due to Pipe Fitting
5. Apparatus For Bernoulli’s equation
6. Apparatus For V-notch and rectangular
7. Apparatus for Force Vortex
8. Orifice Experiment For determine Cd,Cv,&Cc
9. Apparatus For metacentric Height
10. Centrifugal Pump
11. Venturimeter Apparatus
12. Reciprocating pump
13. Pipe friction Apparatus
14. Pelton Wheel

Basics Of Mechanical Engineering Lab.

S.No. Instrument
. Model of 2-Stroke Petrol Engine
2. Model of 2-Stroke Diesel Engine
3. Model of 4-Stroke Petrol Engine
4. Model of 4-Stroke Diesel Engine
5. Single Purchase Winch Crab
6. Double Purchase Winch Crab
7. Single Start Worm & Worm Wheel
8. Triple Start Worm & Worm Wheel
9. Simple Screw Jack
0. Weights
1. Model Sudgen Super Heater
2. Model Lever Safety Valve
3. Model Spring Loaded Safety Valve
4. Cochran Boiler
5. Babcock & Wilcox Boiler

Lab: Automobile Engineering

S.NO. Instrument
1 Gear Box
2 Clutch
3 Model Of Mechanical Brake
4 Differential & Rear Axle Assembly
5 Model Of Hydraulic Brake
6 Ignition System Of An Automobile
7 Fuel Supply System Of Petrol Engine
8 Lubricating System Of An Automobile
9 Front Wheel Drive Line
10 Steering System Of An Automobile
11 Cooling System Of An Automobile

Steam Power Generation Lab.

S.No. Instrument/ Items
1. Cooling tower
2. Air Compressor
3. Thermo- couple wire
4. Dead weight pressure gauge tester
5. Various Boiler Mountings
6. Various Boiler Accessories
7. Steam Turbine Model
8. Condenser Test Rig
9. Separating and Throttling Calorimeter

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab

S.No. Instrument/ Items
1. Refrigeration Test Rig
2. Water to Water Heat Pump
3. Air Conditioning Test Rig
4. Cut sectional Model of Reciprocating Pump
5. Cut sectional model of Centrifugal Pump

Engineering Mechanics Lab.

S.No. Instrument/ Items
1. Column and strut Apparatus
2. Deflection of Beam Apparatus
3. Thermo- couple wire
4. Apparatus for verification of Clark Maxwell Reciprocal theorm
5. Unsymmetrical Bending Apparatus
6. Truss Apparatus
7. Student Stool
8. Notice board
9. Student Table


S.NO. Instrument
1 Lathe Machine
2 Milling Machine
3 Drilling Machine
4 Shaper
5 Surface Grinder
6 Tool Grinder
7 Hydraulic Power hacksaw
8 Electric Arc Welding Machine
9 TIG Arc Welding Machine
10 Power Hacksaw Blade(1 packet)HSS Miranda
11 Hacksaw Blade
12 Apron(Leather,for welding)
13 Surface Grinder wheel(medium and Fine)
14 Students Stool

Lab: Heat transfer lab (HT)

S.No. Instrument/ Items
1. Pin fin natural and forced convection apparatus
2. Thermal conductivity of metal rod
3. Stefan’s Boltzman apparatus
4. Free natural convection apparatus
5. Two phase heat transfer appartus
6. Thermal conductivity of insulating powder apparatus
7. Parallel flow and counter flow heat exchanger apparatus to find overall heat transfer coefficient and effictiveness
8. Guarded hot plate test apparatus

Strength of Material Lab (SOM LAB)

S.No. Instrument/ Items
1. Universal Testing Machine
2. Torsion Testing Machine
3. Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine
4. Impact Testing Machine
5. Fly-Wheel

Internal Combustion and Gas Turbine (ICGT)

S.No. Instrument/ Items
1. Cut Section of Single Cylinder Two Stroke Diesel Engine
2. Cut Section of Single Cylinder Two Stroke Petrol  Engine
3. Cut Section of Single Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine
4. Cut Section of Single Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine
5. Cut Section of Multi Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine
6. Cut Section of Multi Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine
7. Cut Section of Spark Plug (Model)
8. Model of Multi Point Fuel Injection System
9. Model of CRDI Fuel Injection System


S.No. Instrument/ Items
1. Pneumatic Trainer Kit
2. Electro-Pneumatic Trainer Kit
3. Hydraulic Trainer Kit
4. Electro-Hydraulic Trainer Kit
5. VaccumTrainer Kit
6. PLC TRainer Kit

Robotics Lab

S.No. Instrument/ Items
1. ABB IRB2600 Manipulator

Electric Vehicles Lab

S.No. Instrument/ Items
1. Electric Cycle
2. 3 E-Bike
3. E-Scooter
4. Electric Vintage Car
5. Electric Go-Kart
6. Hydraulic Ramp (For 2-Wheeler)
7. 2 Workstations
8. General Purpose Tools Kit
9. Electric Vehicle Diagnose kit (2-Wheeler)
10. Electric Vehicle Service Kit (2-Wheeler)
11. Electric Vehicle AC Charger
12. Air Compressor
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