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Industry Oriented Course Curriculum in Mechanical Engg

    • The syllabus is based on Fully Flexible Credit System to give its students the maximum flexibility in combining their primary purpose of preparing for a long career as engineering professionals with also preparing for a meaningful life filled with learning.
    • The students can also choose their pace of progress toward earning a degree; in other words, they have the freedom to accelerate their progress toward earning a degree or can register for fewer subjects and take slightly longer to earn a degree. Students will also be able to pursue extended internships, change majors and be able to study abroad.
    • Courses are categorized under Research Based Learning (RBL) & Project based learning (PBL) consists of students completing a project as part of satisfying the requirements for the class and earning the associated credits. Industrial internships are highly recommended for students to gain experience of the real-world working environment.
    • During their time at a university, students are exposed to academic environment which is different from the work environment that the students will face after graduation. Students are therefore encouraged to avail of any opportunities for industrial internships especially during the summer term and earn some academic credit for the experience as specified in the curriculum. To earn the credit, the student is expected to maintain a log of his/her activities.
    • Depending on the proficiency in language and in other essential disciplines such as Mathematics and Science for Engineering, the student may be advised to take bridge courses to improve their competency levels and preparedness for the rigorous curriculum.
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