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20 Oct 2016

Dept. of Civil Engg. has organized an Educational Trip

Department of Civil Engineering has organised an 3 days Educational Trip  of 3rd and 4th year students to Banbasha & Nainital. The students were taken to Sarada Barrage &  made familiar with different components of barrage like under sluice portion, weir portion, head regulator, operation of gate, guide bunds, spurs, silt extractor, fish ladder and offtakes canal.

The students were also taken to Nainalake near Naina Devi temple & were asked to sketch of contour of Nainital Valley on at down loaded map of Nainital from Google Earth. The R.L. of three fix points namely China Baba Mandir, Snow peak & Government house were taken as triangulation station with R.L. 850 feet ,600 feet & 500 feet with respect to R.L. of water level of Tal as 100 feet students drew contours nicely.  The whole trip was very educative & improved the physical understanding & visualization of the students in regard with Surveying practice and functioning of the head work & canal system.

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