The Faculty of Engineering & Technology at SGT University is a unified department which offers accredited courses in all the major branches of engineering. Our students develop a broad view of the subject much appreciated by employers, and can also choose from a very wide range of specialist options. The Faculty of Engineering & Technology offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in collaboration with industry leaders and propels research and innovation, develops transformative technologies and cultivates solutions for the future.
Every year the Faculty of Engineering & Technology at SGT University, one of the largest departments in the University, produces employable engineering graduates. They go off to a huge variety of occupations – into designing cars, building roads and bridges, developing new electronic devices, manufacturing pharmaceuticals, healthcare and aerospace, further study for higher degrees and in many other directions. Some of our graduates also develop their managerial, financial or entrepreneurial skills, and go into commerce, financial services, or start their own companies.
FE see 60 to 70 students each year take higher degrees. We have a substantial research portfolio, that includes lot of projects that are directly supported by industry. In the Department, there are no barriers between the different branches of engineering, and we are involved in a great deal of multi disciplinary research collaborating with other groups.
This broad view of engineering, based on a scientific approach to the
fundamentals, is part of the tradition that started with our foundation and continues to educate professional engineers, and researching at the cutting edge! Our academic departments deliver world-class education in engineering so that our graduates possess the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to become international leaders in the engineering industry and academia.
We provide our students with an outstanding engineering education, which brings together cutting-edge researchers, exceptional teachers and state-of-the-art facilities in inspiring physical and virtual environments. The Faculty is home to academics, researchers and support staff and is a powerhouse in research across the engineering sciences, with active industry collaboration.
We want our students to be “artists” in the field of engineering. To that end, they are expected to have the courage and audacious creativity to draw a picture on a blank canvas. While we want our students to possess a deep level of expertise, we also hope that they will be interested in social issues affecting the real world and that they can afford to consider what is important regarding these issues, what the future direction of society will be, and other various matters. The Faculty of Engineering & Technology at SGT University welcomes creative young people who can face the challenge of invigorating
future society by achieving what has heretofore been impossible. We expect that these people will profoundly develop their abilities within the Faculty’s environment, which we are confident in saying is among the best in the world.


Prof. (Dr.) Virendra Kumar Shrivastava
Dean – Faculty of Engineering and Technology